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Sunday, May 15, 2011

Fake Facebook Personal Message

Hati2 jika menerima email dari Facebook personal message atau a Google acknowledgment message, yg menginstruksikan untuk membuka attachment ZIP.
karena attachment tersebut berisi file exe yg jika di klik akan menginfeksi system/komputer. 

seperti email2 berikut :


Subject: You have got a new message on Facebook!

You have got a personal message on Facebook from your friend.
To read it please check the attachment.
The Facebook Team


Subject: Thank you from Google!

Message Body:

We just received your resume and would like to thank you for your interest in
working at Google. This email confirms that your application has been submitted
for an open position.

Our staffing team will carefully assess your qualifications for the role(s) you
selected and others that may be a fit. Should there be a suitable match, we
will be sure to get in touch with you.

Click on the attached file to review your submitted application.

Have fun and thanks again for applying to Google!

Google Staffing


Subject: Facebook Password Reset Confirmation

Message Body:

You have requested a new password. 
You can see your new password in attached file. 
Please pay attention to the fact that this email has been sent to all contact emails associated with your profile. If you did not request a new password, it seems that another person has mistakenly tried to log in with the help of your login. 
For more information, check our Help Center at hxxp://www.facebook.com/help/?topic=login 
Thank you for attention, 
The Facebook Management


Subject: Facebook password has been changed ID215

Message Body:

US banking system'open to abuse''stressed' Jean goes to hospital


Subject: Facebook Service. Your login and password have been stolen! ID54237

Message Body:

A Spam is sent from your FaceBook account.

Your password has been changed for safety.

Information regarding your account and a new password is attached to the letter.
Read this information thoroughly and change the password to complicated one.

Please do not reply to this email, it's automatic mail notification!

Thank you.
FaceBook Service.


sumber : http://tools.cisco.com/security/center/viewAlert.x?alertId=20961