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Thursday, July 29, 2010

How to use Hand Rolled Cones

Cones allow for precision control and the finest lines possible. Cones are the best tool when you are applying for hours on end at festivals, parties and weddings.

How to Fill Cones
Place an empty cone in an empty glass, bottle, or cup to help the cone stand upright and allow you to use both hands while filling. Fill the cone 1/2 to 2/3rd’s full with henna paste, approximately 2-3 Tablespoons.

Grasp the filled the cone in your left hand. With your right hand gather the extra mylar at the open end and gently twist it closed just above the paste. Wrap a rubber band securely around the mylar ‘tail’ to seal the cone or fold over the open end and tape closed.

Test the width of the opening before you cut off the tip. To enlarge the size of the opening, cut a tiny piece off the tip. Test the width before cutting again.

How to Use Cones
Hold the cone with the rubber band end nestled between your thumb, palm and first finger. Slowly squeeze with the palm of your hand and fingers to create an even line of paste. Try not to hold the cone or squeeze from the tip end, this will diminish your control and paste may explode out the back.

For extra control rest the weight of your hand on your little finger to help maintain a steady line.  You can support and guide the cone while you draw with your right hand by using your left pointer finger to direct and support the cone.

As the cone becomes empty, hold the ‘tail’ in your left hand and roll the rubber band down toward the tip with your right hand. This helps keep the pressure in the cone full and makes an easier and more consistent flow of henna paste.